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Pest Control:

INSTAR Pest Control's residential pest control service is much more effective than the traditional indoor base board spraying.  The pest control industry has changed dramatically over the years focusing more on prevention. 

By applying a thorough exterior perimeter treatment to your home, pests are eliminated in areas where they are likely to gain entry.  Often indoor pest problems are a result of pests nesting too close to the home. By flushing insects out of cracks and crevices with a power sprayer, we are able to minimize insect populations where it matters most.  We flush insects out from under rocks, landscape timbers, stepping stones and other hiding places.  This includes a fan spray application around your homes foundation!  We also treat unsightly fire ant mounds, wasp nests & spiders around doors and windows at no additional charge.

This is a common sense approach to maintaining a pest-free home and is backed by a re-treatment guarantee should you experience problems between your regular services.


Our protection begins with a careful inspection. Your Instar Pest Control professional will check the home completely inside and out. Then, he or she will put our three-point program in place to protect your home:  

  1. First- A pest control treatment will be applied where they’ll be most effective. We’ll choose from our advanced products, baits and equipment to address the specific concern or problem.
  2. Next- Because most new infestations originate outside your home, we’ll apply pest control materials to the exterior perimeter and outlying areas. A power sprayer is used each time around the perimeter to ensure the most effective and penetrating barrier. Water-activated granules can be used to treat the grass for an additional barrier. Each time the grass is watered the pest control material is activated.
  3. Finally- We’ll come back on a regular schedule to provide additional exterior treatments. Because this service is exterior only, you won’t have to be home when we’re working. In other words, our schedule won’t interfere with yours.
Initial Interior Pest Treatment Service
  • Kitchen
  • Bathrooms
  • Water heater closets
  • Exterior doors & thresholds
  • Fireplace(s)
  • Plumbing penetrations
  • Around windows
  • Built-in cabinets
  • Bath trap access
  • Garage
  • Perimeter Service
  • Power Spray barrier with micro-encapsulation technology
  • Baiting of active pest harborages
  • Crack & crevice treatment
  • Knocking down spider webs
  • Granules in grass
Outlying Areas
  • Trash storage areas
  • Mulched landscape beds
  • Weep holes in wood veneer walls
  • Pool pump & filter areas
  • Storage buildings
  • Accessible tree holes